About Gemid


        Gemid gemmological lab represents the professional descriptions for precious stones when detecting through the practicable technology and instruments. Our goal is to accurately identify the difference between natural and lab-grown gemstones, to grade the individual gem, and to issue an analysis report according to international gem classification standards. Especially the lab focuses on testing colored gemstones, enhancement treatment, color grading and origin determination of emerald, ruby and sapphire.

        The gemology at Gemid includes not just science, but weaves into the mix history, culture, art and travel. We do this in the belief that these factors play equal roles in how humans perceive desirability and value.Like a small French restaurant, we believe that crafting a fine meal takes time and individual care; thus our seating is limited. The translation of the intangibles of rarity and aesthetic beauty is our strength.Precious stones are among the most compelling examples of Mother Nature’s artistic genius.

        Gemid Gemology operates from a base of over 20 years of collective experience in the study, purchase, sale and appreciation of precious stones. Our lives have been enriched beyond measure by our involvment with these gifts of nature and we believe if we characterize them with the appropriate reverence and care, we can open this magical world to others. This is our goal.

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